Conversations w/ Sasha Marini (Introduction)

Model < Man
Interview < Conversation
Crush < Connection

     Wearing a saddle with lace panties.  Crucified on a tree as a sexy understudy of Christ.  You can find this man's image all over your favorite blogs.  Sasha Marini, the central figure to Albert Rugolotto's highly influential spread "Decadence", has been a long time fixation of mine.  Thanks to him, my recent fantasies all require a stylist.

     Sasha is surprising in many ways.  I found all my assumptions regarding models horribly wrong.  In our conversations, I was astonished to find that he is a man just like me.  Plagued with insecurities.  Uncertain about his contribution to the world.  Searching for himself.  He fails to see his beauty...the same way we do.
     I find him beautiful in a much different way than before.  Getting to know him has added another dimension to his work.  I, now, wonder where is inspiration comes from as he screams while wrapped in tape.  I wonder what thoughts pervade his mind as he wearily drapes himself across his own lap.  I wonder if I have the same motivations when I'm locked in my fetish gear.

It is my pleasure and honor to present to you a slice of my conversations w/ Sasha Marini!


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