Deadly Sin #1: Extravagance I

     Extra-virgin olive oil poured directly from the bottle to the small of your back.  Slowly.  Liberally.  Heavily.  Followed by strong palm strokes, I spread the oil all over your naked body.  I love the way your skin shines.
     Massaging you all over.  Enjoying the sensation of our slick bodies sliding off of each other.  We are both so slippery, we began to invent new ways to hold each other.  Tight.  Tangled.  I love the way your calves graze my sides.  You love the way my fingers grip your throat and jaws.
     Seasoning your skin with sugar and mangoes, I scrub your body with the coarse grains.  Scraping.  Scouring.  Sweetly sweeping every inch of your skin.  Feet.  Toes.  Thighs.  Knees.

Our bodies will never accept less after this moment.
We have both tasted extravagance and made drunk by its allure.
There's is no road back home.

"Ashley Duvernay" by Gregory Prescott

ex·trav·a·gance[ik-strav-uh-guhns]  1. Excessive or unnecessary expenditure.

2. Unrestrained or fantastic excess, as of actions or opinions.


Mr. Toddy English said...



this appeals to me very much...
i will say no more without the presence of my attorney...

Forbidden Light said...

@Mr Bear: I love being saturated and smothered by oil, salt, sugar and other sticky sweets... Very decadent and messy!


as a hairy guy, the sticky part can become annoying, until you spend 20 minutes at least in a hot shower to melt it all off...

trust me,
i know!!!




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