Barbie of Gomorrah: The Work of Mariel Clayton

He's a delicate flower: fragile & sensitive.
She's a tough cookie.

He cries while watching movies.
She fast-forwards the film, until it gets to the good part.
They both press the pause button during nude scenes.

She's walks into the room as if she owns the place.
He's so bashful and cute.

She has a thing for black leather.
His bedroom is wall to wall lavender.
They both can't live without chocolate.

     I have been thoroughly entertained by the work of Mariel Clayton!  There is something about seeing a demented Barbie shacking up with an effeminate Ken that yields hilarious results.  She is taking "playing with dolls" to the next level.  Bloody massacres.  Kinky sex.  Fucked up family fun time.  Everything I tried to make happen between G.I. Joe and Barbie when no one was looking as a kid.
     Upon closer inspection, I see that she is also using the dolls to explore gender.  Why are female serial killers considered bizarre?  Why is it so jarring to see the man of a heterosexual household exhibiting hyper-feminine qualities?  Why is it so funny to see toys perform sadism and violence, while crying at real life examples.  If it wasn't playtime, I would ponder these questions.  But I'm curious to see if Ken has genitals in this collection.

Have fun!

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