Lately, I have been in these situations where I needed to fuck without making a sound.  Sex at ungodly hours, next to sleeping neighbors...  In consideration to roommates chilling in the next room...  Keeping a sexual secret...  I love and hate the result this kind of scenario produces.  I love the restraint, the bondage to silence.  I love finding alternatives to moaning and screaming, diversifying our expression.  Meanwhile, its annoying when certain positions or activities become prohibited.  It becomes scary when our libido snowballs out of control and silence becomes far fetched.
     Coping with this difficult task of silence, breathing exercises become hisses, then moans, then..."Shhhhhhhh, you're going to wake my brother."  While on top, it's a challenge to manage swinging body weight; instincts take over and hips start to thrust harder...penetrating deeper..."Shhhhhhh, you're making the mattress squeak."  And don't get me started on certain positions that hurt so good that screaming become inevitable.
     In some cases, I ended up in walk-in closets to finish our midnight snack in peace!  Our skin slapping freely.  Throwing our legs over shoulders for maximum access.  Its okay to pant and hiss, wildly embracing and kissing.  All before an audience of neckties and linen.  Cumming and spurting, our muted bodies tic and twist as our orgasms pass through our bodies into the air.  Coming down, I feel bad for this circumstance...but not as bad as I feel for my dry cleaner. 

"Games & Restrictions" by Steven Klein

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