Bas Fonds: Night Blossom

     Some blossoms bloom at night.  Subtly.  Slowly.  Deliberately.  Opening wider, the shade is perfumed with an exotic essence.  Spreading.  Yielding.  Peeling apart petals as slumber washes the shore of consciousness.  Something about the night ripens.  The shadows summons such sweetness to the surface.  The small hand of twelve compels knees to be apart....temperatures to rise...thirsts to beckon.
     Some blossoms bloom at night.  The fragrance filled my head...  The sole planting on my thigh charmed my thoughts...  I mistook the pressure of body weight lowering slowly as a dream.  The raindrops in my mind turns out to be sweat from a heavenly body descending.  The sound of the rising tide turned out to be a silent hiss of pleasure.  Lowering slowly, deliberately, a gasp awakens me.  This is a dream...came true.  I am warm.  I am deep.  I am inside.
     Some blossoms bloom at night.  Some fruit are better eaten late.  Some delicacies find its season during winter.  I pity the impatient as its succulence hits my tongue.  I pity the glutton as I savor its sweetness.  To rush this, is to waste this.  To gulp this down, is to sin against my very own senses.

      Sasha Marini is such a sweet soul.  I truly believe him to be more than just a fashion model.  He's an instrument, a vessel.  I this particular set, "Bas Fonds", I thinks he is channeling a modest sensuality.  Writhing.  Tossing.  Turning.  He captures this palpable moment where the passion burns through any sense of restraint.
     Shot in Athens with photographer Errikos Andreou and stylist/creative director Al Giga, they manage to turn a kinky scene into an elegant, sensuous rapture.  Fever.  Honey.  Grit.  "Bas Fonds" creates an experience where empathy meets erotica.

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