Watch Him in the Valley

He's in the valley.
This is the time to watch.

Let him starve: what does he do to soothe the hunger pains?
Let him sleep alone: what form does his desperate libido take?
Let him cry: are his tears toxic?

     We reveal a lot about ourselves in those moments spent in the valley.  Low.  Vulnerable.  Surviving.  In these moments, a man's integrity can be measured clearly.  Our strength pours out... Our venom is put to use... Our resources are emptied for the world to see.  Out of self preservation, our true nature is activated.
     Recently, I got a chance to see a man wallow in his temporary valley.  He cried like an infant.  He abused the scorched earth beneath him.  He sullied the beautiful, desert skies with curses.  He was a nuisance.

I was glad to see it.
I was grateful to see the truth of this man dawn over the horizon.
God forbid, we'd share a valley...
I'd be his only source of sustenance.

     The truth of the matter, the man we encounter in the pits will be the same man standing at the peak.  Meaning, the petulance is still there lying dormant... the latent malevolence is stored away... the toxicity will lace every instance of digestion...  Hence, the way he sits in the valley will mirror the way he'll stand at the peak.  Besides, the one thing we can be certain of...there will always be another low point in life.
     On the bright side, I have also had the pleasure to witness someone shine from the same valley.  Lower.  Dryer.  Riddled with vultures.  And his integrity wasn't compromised.  His strength multiplied with each challenge... No weapon prospered... The world got to see the resources he possessed...and we marveled!

He's in the valley.
This is the time to watch.

Is he someone you'd share your apex?

Take note.

'Dissection' by Enzo Mondejar

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