The Light From Shadows

Give it to me.
Roll over, give me the underbelly...
Turn your head, show off those ugly angles...
Smile at me with those crooked teeth.

Delay the dawn.
Allow my eyes to adjust to the light of your shadow.
Allow my fingertips to notice the rough patches in your flesh.

I want hear it...
Your growling stomach...
The gurgling coming from your guts....

I want to smell it...
Anoint your words with a venomous liberty.
Disturb my sleep with your truth.
Let your unjust thoughts crawl across my skin.

Tip the scales forever to the left...

Infect me with a freedom so forbidden.
Drive me to become accustomed to abominations.
So I can give it to you.

"Russian Fairy Tales" by Yana Moskaluk

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