0k Marathon

      I have a challenge for you.  Are you up for it?  I hope that your stamina allows you to sustain the distance. It’s my wish that you endure.  My challenge for you: love me…without “loving” me.  Are capable of running a marathon without steps or strides?  Swim the seas without a single stroke?
      Let your hands itch with latent action.  Let your body become impregnated without the promise of life.  Let the nature of love remain a spacious mystery… a joyful gamble… a marathon ran in stillness.  It's difficult, I know, to let something so divine remain nameless...  To let a force so powerful go without harnessing. 

Are you up to it?

     Allow the love to swell within you.  Allow it to do its own bidding.  Aimless.  Chaotic.  Painful.  Love always takes it own course anyways…  Can you step aside?  Can you love without demonstrating its existence?  Can your tongue babble nonsensically, betraying your need to be understood?

Are you capable of running a 0k marathon…
With the knowledge it may last forever?
"I've have a package for you" by Phillip Riches

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