Ap(art): "Stalk"

     Flesh made from blood and ghosts, hair stolen from golden stallions.  Mama told me about them.  I was warned to stay away, but I can help but lean closer.  I want to see them....  smell them... taste their language as it echoes through the depths of our homeland.
     In spite of their proud, upright stance, the air reeks of their pungent fear.  A second thought follows every step of their stride.  Watching them turn their head like night owls, observant yet oblivious; they have no clue how close I am to them.  How can eyes that shine so brilliantly be so blind?
     Treading deeper into Mama's womb, they're now walking in darkness.  The branches and leaves block The Sun.  The winged ones are feasting on their bodies.  I could have their lives if my curiosity turned hungry. I could free the bloody ghosts from their skin.  I could adorn my home with their golden stallion mane.  I am close enough to taste the pink of their lips, snatching the red from their cheeks, but I'll let Mama deal with them.  I was warned to stay away.

"Stalk" by MimWeisbard / Model: Forbidden Light

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