Too hot to touch

     Blame Japan.  It is getting extraordinary hot in California!  Temperature’s climbing… Sweat’s gathering around my neck and brow…   After a week of wind chill and reoccurring rainstorms, we abruptly exchanged our umbrellas for air conditioning.  My work shirts are developing sweat stains… My girlfriend’s complaining…  But, I love this kind of weather.
     I love the saltiness of her kiss as her sweat flavors her lips.  My touch slipping off her slick, perspiring skin.  She avoids my inescapable contact…  The humidity flares up her asthma and allergies…  My affection is making her miserable.
Enter: Ice

     With ice cubes between my lips, I begin to cool her body with my kisses.  The combination between the warmth of my mouth and the frozen water melts and freezes her flesh.  Her nipples screams, jumping off my bed.  Her armpits sizzles, melting the ice immediately.  Her toes made good friends with the ice chilling in my mouth.  She likes that.  Returning the favor, she showed me what  having a freezing-hot foot bath feels like.  We soon found each other sucking each others’ toes with ice in our mouths.  Fuck Eskimo Pie.

Getting inside…without touching.
Deeply penetrating while remaining separate.
It’s too sticky…
It’s too sweaty…
It’s too fucking hot…

     We invented ways of fucking while being apart.  Sprawling her legs across my bedroom, her pussy needed space to breath.  Thrusting our hips to a punctuated rhythm, our bodies never meet.  Her arms, trembling and rushing, manage to close the blinds and open the window while bouncing on her backside.  My Baby is very talented when she uncomfortable.
     I was made for this.  My island ancestry.  My long arms.  My spider-like legs made sense in this moment.  I was designed to fuck from afar…  To provide space in between.  However, in spite of my design, she hates me.  It’s too fucking hot…

Images by Armin Morbach

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