All gold doesn't glitter...

     I've always had a problem with the saying, "All that glitters is not gold."  My mind always find more truth in the reverse, "All gold doesn't glitter."  The longer I live.... The more people I encounter... The more experience I get under my belt... I am really learning that the purest gold actually looks gritty to the naked eye.
     Typically, this piece of wisdom is used in reference of people and appearances.  I have learned firsthand that the glittery, unicorn-chasing boys can be evil, too.  But, more so, I have seen how many people are mistakenly appraised and overlooked.  All gold doesn't glitter, it can be rough and dirty without losing its integrity and valuable nature.
     In the kink community, I've found gold under every stone.  From the surface, dirty, twisted and/or problematic people, have proven to be authentically precious.  Trustworthiness and talent can exist within a person with sadomasochistic proclivities.  Alternatively, just because a person's an optimistic, politically conscious lovechild doesn't mean they're inherently good.  Furthermore, the biggest assholes I've met in life have always came for the latter group.

Just a thought...

"Nightingale" by Robert G. Bartholot

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