Life From The Top

You won't be able to sit next to the phone anymore,
waiting for it to ring.
You'd have to spend the extra money on a long distance plan,
because you'll be making the phone calls.

You won't be able to leave your wallet at home,
confident you'll be fed.
You'd have to schedule your dates on pay day,
because dinner will be on you.

You won't be able to conceal your blemishes with foundation,
looking flawless in photos.
You'd have to face him raw,
because you'd be doing the sweating from above.

You won't be able to too particular,
certain you'll get your way.
You'd have to let him have his way,
so you could have your way later.

     I have a friend who is a bottom with versatile ambitions.  Growing more and more curious of life on the top, sweet, curvy asses have been catching his eye lately.  Making a decision to finally be the pitcher, he asked me for some advice.  I think the mechanics are simple and naturally occurring, but I felt the need to warn him of the shift in power dynamics when the roles change.
     He's the type to leave his wallet at home, giving off an unconcerned look when the check arrives.  He's the type that doesn't have a long distance plan, because he's used to men calling him.  My experience says, another bottom wouldn't accept this kind of behavior.  In my humble opinion, he'd have to make a shift from passive to initiating, in order to top anyone.  (Anyone who wasn't desperate.)

Am I wrong?
What do you guys think?

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Bama Boi said...

Honestly, I can't say. I'm on a diff spectrum from those who top and those who bottom (probably my final blog for the month). As I've grown in my sexuality, I find that balance works for me. . .50/50. That's how we've handled a lot of things. The only diff is, I've been the one to travel up to his city. We contact one another equally, and we also give each other space.

We go dutch when it comes to dinner, but we share each other's food. He's paid for me before, and I've paid for him. It's just been a flow of things. Now, do I have worries about me not being either a top or bottom? Yes, but we haven't crossed that road of penetrative sex. That's a fear of mine. . .

Not being in a relationship because I neither top nor bottom.

'Tis life, I guess



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