The Rack

      Her back arches, sending her tail into the air.  Her ankles latches onto my legs as she leans her hip closer to mine.  The slapping of our skin fills the air with echoes...  My fingers digging into her ass fills her white cheeks with blushes of red...  The rhythm drives me relentless.
     Pounding her harder and harder, the head of cock punches the very end of her cunt.  Her tail: still airborn.  Her feet: still drawing me near.  Her legs are completely contradicting her upper body.  Her fingers are clawing at the bed, trying to escape.  Her jaws are unhinged as a silent scream shoots from her cherry red face.  Her arms are squirming and her torso twists.  One side of her faithfully accepts my driving erection, while the other fights to get away.
     Turning her over, I take her ankle into my hand and lift her hips from the mattress.  Thrusting.  Hammering. Banging.  Her legs spread further, her pussy gushes as her hands push me away.  Her toes points, the walls forcefully constricts as she punches my chest.  She rapidly fingers herself, begging me to stop, "Please!"  Sobbing and crying, she reaches for her Hitachi wand.  Tightening the muscles in her legs, she sets the vibrator on max power and presses it against her clit.  Her scream runs dry as she wets the sheets, soaking the bed.

How often are we torn this way?
Split between pleasure and pain...
Split between logic and madness...
Split between self-preservation and masochism...

The be human, is to be eternally on The Rack.

Images taken from the blog, "Unnaturally Bound"

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