Beautiful Womb: The Story Between "Lust and Long Distance"

Distance is a beautiful womb
She mothers invention
She fosters innovation
Distance invokes a yearning that swims across seas

How can I translate my touch without traveling?

Distance is a beautiful womb
Destiny develops in her darkness
 Uncertainty is incubated into courage

There is a message that surpasses language that I long to express.
A tone so warm it can only be articulated internally.
A secret so hidden you'd have to witness it in person.
What stands between intimacy and distance?

     While writing, "Bedtime Stories: Lust and Long Distance", I received an unexpected epiphany.  I actually prefer long distance relationships.  I enjoy a great deal of convenience and creativity when there's a lot of space between me and my lover.  I love trading secrets with strangers.  Storing up stories to share later.  The anticipation of her/him/them arriving to visit me.  Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.
     Writing this piece for SEXIS magazine, I recollected all of the beautiful encounters I've had in my life.  The phone sex.  The thoughtful gifts.  The quasi, once-in-a-lifetime meetings that left my senses and headboard shattered.

As for the bedtime stories...
     There is a particular blogger that I have been reading erotica with; he may raise his hand if he'd like.  Thanks to him, my bookshelf is full of "Campus Buddies", "Letters to Penthouse" and other dirty, dirty books.  On one hand, its a great way to get the juices flowing.  On the other, I'm becoming quite the orator.  Maybe I'll gain the courage to start recording my readings.  That would be fun...

For all the details, read the full article:

For the second time, 
I've drawn from Exterface's erotic editorial, "Flamingo".
I honestly think they are one of the best!
They are one of the few photographers/artists that have a story to tell.
Continuity is very rare,
But they manage to continually come up with concept after concept...
I honor you, gentlemen!

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