I'm desperate to be touched.
I'm desperate for a rise in temperature.

     You've left me to dangle in the darkness.  Unclothed.  Exposed.  Spread apart and open.  Gaping.  I've made myself the utmost available for you.  The elements have their way with me as nature watches.  The coldness of the empty space surrounding me erects my every hair on end.
     Finding comfort in the clicking of your boots; each step is a gift.  Pacing...Walking...Tapping you toes, becomes evidence that you haven't left.  My availability isn't in vain.  My devotion is being observed. My offering has yet to parish.  Partake my Lord.  Please.

     Frostbitten chains numbs my flesh.  A cruel quarter moon blinds my eyes.  Your sudden stillness strikes my ears deaf.  Please.  Illuminate me with your touch.  Paint my body with the color of warmth.  Give my senses a message to translate into pleasure.  Anything.  Being apart from you is true torture.  I find agony in your absence.  Please draw yourself near to me.

     Your hand wrapping around my throat deprives me of air, yet gives me a second wind.  Your speechless breathing in my ears speak volumes.  Driving me to my knees made me stand up bone straight.  Your teeth sinking into my skin cures my hunger.  Whimpers and praise flow from the same mouth.  Curses and blessings dwell within the same strike.  Thank you for finding pleasure in my offering.

The above art is from a new friend.
The amazing photographer and artist:

I am deeply in love with his self portraits.
There's a palpable mood
There's an ethereal texture
I feel a dark, esoteric quality in his use of objects and effects
I am painfully infatuated with him.

An ugly brand of beautiful
I am inspired to the level of arousal.


thegayte-keeper said...

I LOVE how you blog about sex N' desire...

dayum said...

What a lyric explosion of words ! You know your subject ! Photos are great too !

Forbidden Light said...

@TGK & Dayum: Thank you very much! These particular photos stirred something up inside... I hope that, by reading this, it aroused you, as well...

P.S. - More to come from Gonzalo!



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