The Craig's List Chronicles: Small Window

His beauty was unexpected

His girlfriend was away for the night
He has a small window of time
He chose me

Small talk was forbidden
Dropping trou at the door
I was directed to have a seat
To spread my thighs

Slick Mouth
Palms Made of Silk

He had no interest in me
But a deep fixation on my cock
As if his main purpose was to steal my seed
Which he accomplished very quickly

Sucking deeply
Milking me with his fist
I was drained to completion
Before I had a chance to see myself shoot
He was cleaning the remnants of my climax off his handsome face

His girlfriend was away for the night
He had a small window of time
I had to go
I want to know him so badly...

The above art is from my new photographer crush,

Joseph Bleu

I love his use of color and tone
And his use of golden, long legged models
His work reeks of elegance and privileged frailty.


LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Beautiful, and so poignant.

Forbidden Light said...

Thank you, Kind Sir...

It was a very surreal moment...I felt worshiped/rejected...blessed/robbed...

I am deeply intrigued by someone who could pull that off...



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