Arousal by Contrast

      We can't take our eyes off ourselves.  My hand cupping your breast.  Your legs wrapped around my waist.  My arm draped across your  torso.  Your fingers in my mouth.  We are a work of living art.  Our lovemaking is a masterpiece I long to exhibit.
     Coal clashing against pearl.  Your ivory moon enveloped by midnight flesh.  Your precious, pretty, pink jewel smashed to bits by black steel.  This moment of polarity is profound.  This moment of polarity brings to mind that weapons and remedies can be one and the same.  Lions and lambs can find comfort in each others bosoms.  Together, honey and vinegar can bring pleasure to a palette.
     I wish I could frame each instance.  I wish I could take a snapshot of every position.  My black fingers gripping white ankles.  Your white fingers gripping my black neck.  Mine...Yours...Mine...Yours...Minds could be enlightened by our sex.  I truly believe that. 

     The above art is from the tremendously talented Kassandra!  The pictures I posted are just a tip of the iceberg!  She fancies bright colors and surrealism, her style captures a beautiful dreamworld. 

Experience her work:

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