?????: Josef Michel's Latest

It is a rare occasion
when I'm totally confused.
I can always find the erotic quality,
To understand what someone could find arousing...

Today marks the day I am stumped...

Before saying anything else,
I would like to present to you a series by Josef Michel.

It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could weigh in
and help me understand.
For those that find this arousing
I'd like to know why.
All judgment aside,
I truly want to grasp what makes this sexy.

Josef's work with Eli Floyd sent me to the gym...
This set with Matt McDermitt,
may send me to the psych ward

Warning: the following images can be disturbing (seriously)...


LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Good God almighty...

In answer to your question, there's a fetish for everything. Plenty of people will get off on this.

Me, not so much. Feet are disgusting and should be kept out of sight.

Maybe he inadvertently stepped in some spilt ketchup and felt hungry?

Forbidden Light said...

@Sun Killer (I really like that alias, I'm gonna keep calling you that!): Even as a foot fetishist, I'm very confused...I think he lost his toenail clipper while on Ecstasy!

On another note, I always imagined you having gorgeous feet...Am I wrong, Garcon?

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

LOL... I stole it from a 1989 episode of Doctor Who, in which the sorceress Morgaine was referred to as "The Sunkiller, Dominator of the Thirteen Worlds, and Battle Queen of the S'rax."

So if she can have multiple names, so can I! And I'll always be Sun Killer to you x

P.S. I have big feet, UK size 11 (don't know what that is in US sizes). All feet are ugly to me so I can't say if I have gorgeous feet or not. Maybe you'll find out at Toddy's nude pyjama party ;)

Forbidden Light said...

@Sun Killer: Are you foot squeamish? If someone were to pay attention to your feet? (Let me know if I'm making you uncomfortable! LOL)



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