Twin Saviors: Fear & Power

You find it strangely jarring and erotic
Hearing a giant scream at the top of his lungs

Prying his hairy muscular legs apart
Bending them towards the heavens
You slay him with your repeated depth and force

He’s shaking on the verge of collapse
His vibrating baritone cries for continuance
His toes curl so tightly, a pain shoots to your feet, as well

You’re filled with twin saviors: fear and power

Can you escape his agony uncrushed?
Can you withstand being engulfed in his ecstasy?
Can you persist within the pressure of his pleasure?

Keep a strong grip on his hamstrings behind his knees
Stroke in pace with your rattling heart
Relax as he grips your throat in excitement

There’s a thin line
Between keeping a giant on a leash and being tethered to an anchor
Avoid drowning and be greatly awarded

You will be showered in pearls and praise
Your named will rock the Earth to its core
Just don't stop...

These are from Robert Greene's latest project:

Its an opportunity to see raw masculinity become delicate
Mollified sledgehammers
Beautiful behemoths
Jupiter opened wide
This collection should add to your understanding of manhood


ToddyEnglish said...

I just can't get into hair.
I keep imagining myself coughing up a hairball.
But hair on: Tom Selleck (during his Magnum P.I. days), Hugh Jackman (specifically in Wolverine), and Mel Gibson it looks hot.
Manscaping is a MUST.

Single.Kinkster said...

The biggest thing that kept me from actually embracing homosexuality or bisexuality was the hair on a guy. I'm not a fan of hair, other than on the head, but anywhere else...

Forbidden Light said...

Toddy: I love body hair! It the truest motif of masculinity...

@Single.Kinkster: Believe it or not, you inspired this post...I never mentioned that the top was male or female...How hairy are you S.K.? Hahahahaha!

Single.Kinkster said...

Not THAT hairy! lol. I'm flattered.

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

I'm with Toddy. Utterly revolting. The only place there should reasonably be hair is the head and eyebrows. Nowhere else!

Forbidden Light said...

@LIBERATOR: I must admit, hair can get in the way...but I find it very erotic in a certain context...

I REALLY love it when a man is VERY HAIRY with shaven ass crack and balls...Dichotomy defined...



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