Gay [gey] (Adjective) Having or showing a merry, lively mood; happy.

     Sitting on a plane heading to southern California, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Perry.  He was a cute, petite guy: curly brown hair and a 1000 watt smile.  To top it off, he was sweet as pie.  For the entire flight, we traded stories and laughed.  His goofy observations cracked me up!
     His energy level was off the charts, very enthusiastic and excitable.  He had a beautiful boyish grin framed by a lightly dusted goatee.  Every time he swatted my thigh, I found his touch playful and refreshing…but, of course, still arousing.

Of course, my inner thoughts began to chatter…
“He probably makes the sweetest faces.”
“I bet you, he’s squeaky clean…down there."
"I can see it now: pretty, pink and tight.”
“He has pretty feet; I can tell.  What are those?  A size eight?”

     Declining in altitude, I started to ask about his plans in San Diego; internally hoping we could hang out while I was there.  Smiling even brighter, he chirps, “I’m actually in town for a revival; Joel Olsteen‘s speaking!”  I was shocked!  I thought he was flaming; turns out he was on fire for Jesus!  Is my gaydar broken or what?
     Throughout the trip he was resting his hand on my shoulder.  While maintaining complete eye contact, he gave me his blue eyed, undivided attention.  Am I a pervert for thinking he was flirting?  Is it possible to be that innocent and naïve in this day and age?  My head was spinning as he handing me a flyer for ‘Christ Watch 2010’.
     This has me thinking.  The one thing that gay men and Christian Fundamentalists have in common is their ability to access their inner child.  Both eschewing the traditional ideas of masculinity, exuberance is embraced.  Homosexual men tend to define their own brand of manhood by sometimes returning to a state of innocence, before gender roles were assigned.  Christ says that the childlike shall gain access to Heaven.
     It's very uplifting to see adults that are impressionable and wondrous like children.  I hate that society suggests that men should be stiff and unimpressed.  It’s beautiful to see men comfortable enough to laugh without composure…to smile until their cheeks hurt…to watch cartoons…to wear bright colors.  Things shouldn’t be so serious.

However, let’s remember:
Acting happy and acting gay was once synonymous.
(And actually still is.)


ToddyEnglish said...

I had to smile and hug myself after reading this. It made me feel so warm and wonderfully validated. =0)
I really love my penchant for embracing my inner child at any given moment.
your gaydar is so off. Ms. Perry was a QUEEN.
Psst...Gays live in church.
Occasionally, I will go to church just to hear the gospel choir.

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

LOL... I was actually thinking of Toddy when I was reading this.

My little brother is like this too, a sweet baby man who exudes warmth.

With all my pent up anger and rage and hate, I'm envious. Really.



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