Somnophilia: Abandon's Door

     Did he fail to close his door securely or is there a message hidden behind his ajar bedroom entrance?  Either case, an inescapable temptation calls me to find out the hard way.  I've wanted him for so long.  He's disturbed many nights of my rest.  So what, if I exact my revenge by awakening the sleeping giant in his trousers?
     The very barrier meant to keep people out of his chambers is charming me...seducing me to enter.  The dark, enigmatic space behind the barely closed door is very alluring.  What if I took a few steps within, to test my welcome?

All seem like foreign customs.
Reigns supreme in this moment.

     If I tread softly, hover meticulously, I could seamlessly blend my devouring with his dreams.  But would he appraise my service to be more valuable than his sleep?  Would the warmth of my mouth surpass the comfort of his slumber?  Could I handle the repercussions of being rejected?
     One risky step away from overstepping my bounds, a morsel of him would make it all worth it.  On the brink of becoming a trespasser, I'll trade his trust for his taste on my tongue.  Driven dangerously close to disturbing his peace, I achingly walk away.

I will have him.
But, not tonight.
I will dream a thirsty dream so you may rest
I feel a sweet sense of guilt for the things I'm going to do to you
Sleep well, my love...

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