Dunce: Brains & Rosebuds

     When I watch porn, I think a lot of about what kind of person the performers could be.  "I bet, he'd be interesting to talk to."  "He looks like a total asshole."  "Awww, he's a sweetheart; just look at how he takes that dick."  I know, not the best judge of character, but I can't help but wonder about the man inside of the sex machine.
      Recently, I was watching Tim Tales and he was having a sexy exchange with Ben Armstrong.  I fell instantly in love with the smooth, cute boy with piercings and one of the best tattoos I've ever seen.  "I bet he plays an instrument.  He's probably using the money he makes in porn to pay for studio time."  He was so small, but rugged, with the prettiest feet.
     In the middle of the film, Tim starts to finger fuck him until...two fingers turned into three...then four...then "the silent duck"!  I thought he was so adorable until he started to get fisted!  I started to think about all the tragic things that could've happened to him.  I wondered about his status and cringed as Tim forgot to wear gloves, which is common practice with fisting.  My opinion quickly shifted from positive to negative.
     Why?  Does extreme rectal stretching somehow kill brain cells?  If not, then why is it so hard for me to imagine an intelligent person who likes to be fisted.  Is this extreme sex act reserved for the bottom of the barrel?  Is it possible to be a brilliant, beautiful person while taking incredibly large objects in the ass?  It's a shame I can't find the answer.  For some reason, I've been programmed to feel its impossible to have both a brain and a rosebud.

I love Tim Tales!
It's more reality than amatuer
It's a website ran by a real life couple from Berlin!

I originally didn't like fisting, but this clip is changing my mind!

Check out the full length video:


ToddyEnglish said...

I don't believe they are dumb. However, I would categorize them as just NASTY (my apologies to anyone reading who likes being fisted. Just my personal opinion).
I have an acquaintance that I get on well with. I think he is really intelligent and a good person...but he used to take guys into the bathroom, at work, go down on them, and swallow. He wound up getting gonorrhea in his throat.
I'll totally talk to him about everything. But would I let him kiss me? Haaaaaaaaale Knawl!

Émigré Éire, the Sun Killer said...

I do the same thing when I watch porn - gripped by the person behind the act. It's fascinating. You're watching a total stranger perform the most intimate act - who could you fail to be intrigued?

I really don't get fisting, and it scares the hell out of me, but it's just something some people like to do. At least it something I can understand. I once briefly dated a guy who was a neo-soul singer, and pretty as hell, who was into extreme S&M, and fisting.

We didn't last long.

Forbidden Light said...

@The Sun Killer: "You're watching a total stranger perform the most intimate act - who could you fail to be intrigued?" Incredible.

On another note, Neo-soul and S&M? What a combo!



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