Can Anyone Handle A Versatile Bisexual?

Tops cringe at the thought of being penetrated.
Bottoms are determined to take the place of women.
Women are desperately clinging to the idea
that the P still stands for Power.

Why is everyone so attached to their roles?

     It appears that bisexual men are the least desired.  Is it because bisexuality broadens the playing field, thus increasing the chances of infidelity?  Are people threatened by the fact that bisexuals are attracted to both genders, meanwhile most people can only be assigned to one?  Is insecurity the problem, thus no one feels awesome enough to beat out the rest of the world? Yes, yes and YES! (I wish I had something bolder than bold for the last one!)
     I think the answer to this problem lies in people aversion to versatile men.  While everyone's determined to be someone's all-in-all; few are willing to expand beyond their cozy little roles.  The authority rarely wants to submit.  The catcher gets far too lazy to climb up the mound to pitch.  I'm sure it makes life simple to stay in your small sexual cubicle, but what about those that are out the box?  The shaky idea of monogamy is shattered, not by the bisexual glutton, but at the hands of the stubborn, static partner.  That's the God awful truth.
Tops loosen up
Bottoms man-up
Women grow up

In other words, stop being so lame!


Garçon Stupide said...

Hmm... I'm not sure if I agree.

True bisexuality is fairly unusual, and I suspect a good many people have been caught in the tangled webs bisexuals weave.

I haven't personally, I have to say, but I think it's fair to say that a few bisexuals are having a lot of fun at the expense of everyone else.

Cogent Ascending said...

I offer that it isn't the rest of us who need to change.
Just those claiming bisexuality.
When it comes down to it what is really so unnerving about someone who so staunchly claims to be a true bisexual isn't that the rest of us somehow lack the ability or attraction to prove the bisexuals equal its the gut feeling, the utter recognition, if you will, that some things are inviolate and set. To claim otherwise seems not only inherently false but deceptive and needlessly so.
In all things preference sets in and rules. I have never met a situation where this didn't prove to be the constant.
Everyone has a preference.
It will eventually win out and to deny it merely to resist a label or category for arguments sake is what rubs so many the wrong way on such intimate levels.

Forbidden Light said...

@Garcon: Of course, it happens; but bisexuals do not hold a monopoly of infidelity. If anything, people should avoid the attractive for the same reasons...but we can't do that, can we? LOL

In my book, inflexibility breeds the desire for diversity. From personal experience, I know that monogamy is possible...being dynamic is the key.

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: WOW! You figured out a way for people to change their sexual orientation? Now we can all be heterosexual and live happily ever after.

Bisexuality isn't a claim, no more than homosexuality...

Pearl said...

Het, Bi, Homo are all labels of particular areas on an ever shifting pendulum. Everyone is fluid; it just depends on how frozen people are. Some will never thaw!

Donn M. said...

I for one have NO prob w/ Bisexuals. we are apart of the LBGT community the B STANDS for BISEXUAL, by definition BI means attraction to BOTH sexes rather emotionally and/or physically, sum ppl REALLY ARE bi. The PROBLEM is when ppl claim to be bi because they dont wanna give in to the truth that they are TOTALLY GAY. Which sum ppl think you gay regardless & dont believe in bisexuality, Im not one of them tho.

Joey said...

The debate about labels is so damn tough. Not to be bound by labels and yet have language to describe your pleasures or preference is such a perilous balancing act.

A good place to start is for everyone to spend more time worrying about themselves and not so much trying figure out what others are up to.

I am certain, inherently certain, that I am interested in sex with only men. Homosexual is the best tag we have for that I suppose.

We could think up something else like, "gravitationally penis identified." But it would still be a label.



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