Partialism: Musicians' Sexy-Ugly O-Faces

John Mayer

He's in zone

Certain chords just make him....mmmm
His face scrunches up, I bet his toes curl
He is in pain because it sounds so good

Orgasmic Grooves
Beautiful Agony
As if his instrument is an extension his sex organ

I'm aroused just watching you peform
Even the made expressions from sex pale in comparison
Eyes shut tight...
Mouth twisted and frowned
Your head sways wildly
I can only imagine the intensity

Keith Jarrett - Jazz Pianist
Carlos Santana


Cogent Ascending said...

I get the idea but you couldn't find any musicians that make sexy ugly o faces?
And ick whats with all the pale flesh?

Forbidden Light said...

LMAO! I think John Mayer is soooo sexy! As for Keith Jarrett, King of the Musical-Sexual Experience, you should go on Youtube and check him out...

ToddyEnglish said...

Okay, we all have our own little quirks. I am so not vibing off John
HOWEVER, I do agree with you about certain musicians. When they get into their art it's sexy...

Okay, this will seem weird but...

Back when he was CUTE I loved when Michael Jackson would get into the songs and do the "Hee heee heeee" and his faces...
I've been watching all of this old school Michael Jackson footage on Youtube and between 1978 and 89 Mike was on point! lol

Forbidden Light said...

@Toddy: Like in "Dirty Diana"? Aww man, thats when his nose was PERFECT! And he used to bite his bottom lip with those perfect teeth...You're right!



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