"Rectangles & Squares" by Brian Biedul

Get me out of here!
The world is driving along with me in the fucking trunk!
Hoping that someone who cares' within earshot
I continue to SCREAM
Keep kicking and banging my elbows

Get me out of here!!!

I'm trapped in this fucking economy!
This dumb ass machine's forcing me to count beans!
 My priceless contributions add up to WORTHLESS!

I'm locked in this bullshit body!

I'm bigger than black!
I'm too crooked to be straight!
I'm too fertile to be gay!
I'm too versatile to be singular!

Get me out of here!!!

     Artist, Brian Biedul, hit the nail on the head with this collection.  I feel like this everyday, all day!  Painting the human form pressing against the confines of the canvas' edges; he captures the tension and stress.  He conveys the fervor and frustration in great detail.  God!  This is why I love art!  Whenever I run across someone's work that perfectly translates my feelings into an image...it reminds me that I'm not the only one.
     Looking at his collection reminds me why we press against the unmovable.  Because it's beautiful.  Because it makes us brilliant.  The struggle strengthens us.  It builds us up so we can experience freedom FULLY.

Here's a question: 
Who's more free?
The free man born without shackles?


The freed slave who has studied his bondage, 
thus mastering his freedom? 


Cogent Ascending said...

And not nice boobies either.
Why bother painting boobies if they're not gonna be pretty?
Conversely why bother painting ugly nude men??
I'm confused.

Forbidden Light said...

@Cogent: There's more to art than beauty...there are statements. Struggle isn't always sexy...Brian does good job expressing that.



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