Masturbation for the Amish: Noisy Silence

Without my laptop
I didn't know how dependent I've gotten on technology for arousal
Things that rattle...
Instant messengers and cell phones...

Masturbating the other night, it was a bit difficult to remain erect
I've never noticed how active the night was
Midnight traffic...
Clicking high heeled shoes...
Feline conversations...

Opening my window
I wanted to invite the outdoors in
Instead of being annoyed by it

A breeze rolled across my chest and belly, striking my stroking hand
The car passing by sounded a lot like the seashore
Were there always so many crickets?

For a moment, I felt like I was outside
and the dogs were barking at me...

Was I pretending to be an exhibitionist?
Or did Berkeley become a voyeur?
Thrusting my hips, a group of giggling girls walk by
Would it change their mood?
To know what was happening right above their heads

I came at the thought of them seeing me
Imagining eavesdropping on their dismay
My moans were louder than usual
In hopes they would hear...

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