Dacryphilia: My Theory Behind the Tears

     I recently written an article for ka-os|theory, titled "Dacryphilia: When Thugs Cry".  Writing about one of my first experiences watching urban, gay porn; I unexpectedly pulled up memories of a darker brand.  Dead men laying in the street while brothas laughed about unrelated matters.  Attending funerals where black men were unable to express their sadness.  Looking back, I was really surprised by my own callousness.
     Although I do love to see thugs whimper and cry, I don't think people see the deeper connection.  It's a rare opportunity to see the world hardest men become soft before your eyes.  A chance to see what happens when the facade of hyper-masculinity collaspes under pressure. 
Here's a ka-otic|theory:
Does these sexual-emotional releases carry therapuetic value?

Check out my ka-os|theory exclusive article:


taylorSiluwé.com ..... said...

I just have to say, your piece on ka-os | theory absolutely blew me away. The piece grabbed me by the throat (and nutz) right from the start.

I wanted this to be a book, and follow that character after he gives in to doing this thing out of a need for money. Awesome. Great job!!

Forbidden Light said...

Thank you, Taylor! Coming from a writer of your caliber, that's tremendous!

Maybe I should expound on the idea and make "Dacryphilia: The Novel"...Thanks for getting my wheels turning...

taylorSiluwé.com ..... said...

Thanx for the props, but I was just keepin' it real. I'm the type of reader who puts books aside after reading a paragraph or two because it didn't grab me. That's not always the authors fault, mostly its my painfully short attention span.

But your prose, and my favorite subject (porn), put my attention in a headlock. lol

Do take that story further, and good luck ....



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