Feet & Conversation

Man or Woman
Casual or Romantic
Prop your legs upon my lap

     Let me massage your feet while we talk.  I'll maintain eye contact or, at least, try.  It's a service for you.  An indulgence for me.  A wonderful evening for us both.  Would you prefer lotion or oil?  I have some amazing Rose oil.  The scent would harmonize great with our Jasmine tea. 

"How was your day?"
"Oh shit, are you serious?"
"When are you going to quit that job?"

     I'm a recreational reflexology.  My thumbs work wonders as I knead deeply into your soles.  Would you-?  Ah, never mind.  You know, I can tell so much about you just by looking at your feet.  No, nothing bad!  You're just so hard on yourself; you should try harder to have more fun.  I can also see that you have simple pleasures.  And that you'd like to keep it that way. 
     Deeply inhaling the French Rose from your toes.  Feet are like pacifiers to me.  Your laugh is so cute!  You've never had someone kiss your toes before?  Sucking your toes are like h'ord devours in a sensual sense.  However, the funny thing about appetizers are: sometimes you're satisfied before the main course hits the table. 

I'm fine with just talking to you.
Thoroughly massaging and loving your feet.
There's no trap in place; maybe just an erection to bolster your heels.
Let's just say, I have a fetish for interesting conversation.

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